‘She leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes’

No other necklace compares to my CLIC necklaces. My pieces do not have the traditional clasp at the back, but incorporate a unique invisible magnetic clasp in two parts at the front. Whoever tries out one of my CLIC necklaces is at a loss as to where the clasp is and their look of wonderment never ceases to amaze. Find the click with... CLIC! The collection comprises more than one hundred pieces, in countless colours and finishes. View my collection, enjoy and choose!


                        Suzanne Geschreven afb

Necklace C142G
Necklace C142R
Necklace C144B
C144G 1
Necklace C144G
Necklace C144R
Necklace C145B
C145G 1
Necklace C145G
Necklace C145R
C146 clic 2015 08 3487 web
Necklace C146
C146Z clic 2015 08 3486 web
Necklace C146Z
C146GOLD clic 2015 08 3485 web
Necklace C146GOLD
C147ZGO clic 2015 08 3483 web
Necklace C147ZGO
C147GOLD clic 2015 08 3482 web
Necklace C147GOLD
C149 clic 2015 08 3476 web
Necklace C149
C149Z clic 2015 08 3474 web
Necklace C149Z
C150Z clic 2015 08 3467 web
Necklace C150Z
C150R clic 2015 08 3468 web
Necklace C150R
C150G clic 2015 08 3466 web
Necklace C150G
C150B clic 2015 08 3464 web
Necklace C150B
C150P clic 2015 08 3465 web
Necklace C150P